Displaymodeselector for RTX 6000 Ada?

Hello everyone

The displaymodeselector which can currently be downloaded is from March 22 and does not recognize or switch our RTX 6000 Ada. Where is the update?


Hello @dominique7 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am sorry, but there is no public release date available as of now. Please check back regularly or follow our tech blog where we might announce the release as well.


In the meantime, the update arrived - displaymodeselector was updated with the March 23 version that switches RTX 6000 cards. Unfortunately, vGPU 15.1 has a bug that causes the RTX 6000 to revert to h264 encoding. Passthrough should work fine though.

Our recommendation for now: Stay away from this card, it is too expensive to be lying around, not even for a day.

Hi, if you feel there is a bug with vGPU 15.1 and the A6000 card, and if you have an entitelment for enterprsie support, pls feel free to file a case…

As an addendum, the current version of displaymodeselector is now at 1.60 and supports ADA generation GPUs.

Thank you, this information comes from Enterprise support they are aware and are working on it. Unfortunately it seems that vGPU 16 which should fix the issue can take a little more time according to Nvidia Support.

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