RTX 6000 ADA / HP-DL380 gen9 / not booting after displaymodeselector –gpumode compute

I recently acquired an RTX6000 ADA and encountered significant issues after using the command “displaymodeselector –gpumode compute”.

Prior to executing this command, the card was detected flawlessly. However, after passing it through a VM, it ceased to function within the environment. I had come across the vGPU option and subsequently used “displaymodeselector –gpumode compute”, successfully switching my card to compute mode.

After this change, the machine could no longer detect the card upon startup.

The BIOS error message I received read:

“276-Option Card Configuration Error. One or more option cards are requesting more memory-mapped I/O than is available. Action: Remove one or more option cards to allow the system to boot.”

Despite numerous attempts adjusting various BIOS settings and trying to enable 4G, nothing seemed to resolve the issue.

I then decided to test the card in a standalone PC. This PC also has an integrated GPU and runs without issues when the RTX 6000 ADA is not plugged in. However, as soon as I insert the card into one of its two available slots, the machine refuses to boot. The last message I see from the BIOS on the motherboard’s onboard display is “loading vga bios”. After this, no further BIOS messages are shown, and I’m unable to make any adjustments. the screen stay black

How can I resurrect this seemingly dead card? Any suggestions?

For reference, the PC’s motherboard is an ROG MAXIMUS Z690 FORMULA.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tom,
using the displaymodeselector tool has several warnings to ONLY be used in a certified compatible system! The change from a Display=ON (6000ada default) to a virtualization=ON==display=OFF mode makes the board request significantly more resources from the system/server mainboard BIOS!
Without a certified system this card will not be working, and reverting the setting REQUIRES a mainboard that can deal with the resource requests :-(.

One question though: displaymodeselector does not really have a function/option “gpumode compute”. Any chance you are confusing tools and options here?

link before the login: https://developer.nvidia.com/displaymodeselector#