Displayport to HDMI CEC-Tunneling driver support

Hey there,
I know that threads disscussing native CEC in HDMI-out ports already exist and the feature is not planned.
There is however a feature in the DP 1.3 spec, that allows injecting CEC-commands from DP-signaling when adapting a DP-out to HDMI. From what I can see, the hardware already supports this feature and alternative drivers have software-support.

I’m referencing the information found here:HDMI-CEC - ArchWiki

Curiously, the official Linux-driver is missing from the list of drivers with software-support. If it does support CEC-tunneling, could someone please confirm that for me? If not, would this not be an acceptable compromise to integrate into the driver, allowing the use of CEC without having to change the hardware design?
I personally would like to use this feature in my HTPC.
Thanks in advance.