DLA (Xavier), model working with trtexec but not with binding input



Took the ResNet18 model from :

Converted to TRT (fp16), all works fine.

Build the engine again with trtexec, and DLA support (not allowing GPU Fall Back), looks good (no errors, model performance as expected on DLA).

Now, trying to bind actual input and run on the DLA. I get:
NVMEDIA_DLA : 717, ERROR: setInputTensorDesc failed
NVMEDIA_DLA : 801, ERROR: SetInputTensorDesc failed for tensor: 7. status: 0x0.
NVMEDIA_DLA : 967, ERROR: BindArgs failed (Input). status: 0x7.
[E] [TRT] dla/dlaUtils.cpp (248) - DLA Error in submit: 7 (Failure to submit program to DLA engine.)

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for the help !

Please Ignore this question, my error, sorry.

I am getting the same errors with some models while others work fine. Can you please give some indication what was the cause and how you solved it. Thanks.