DLL project with CUDA

IDE: Visual Studio 2010 SP1
OS: Windows 8, x64
GPU: nVidia GeForce GT 650m

Project type: NVIDIA -> CUDA -> CUDA 5.0 Runtime
Project properties:
Target Extension: .dll
Configuration Type: Dynamic Library (.dll)
Added definition file (see Linker options)
Added standard for DLL entry point
Set Debugging -> Command

Visual C++ -> Win32 -> Win32 Console Application

In DLL project:
Nsight can’t “Start CUDA Debugging”.
Message: “%1 не является приложением Win32 (System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception)”
But standard “Debug -> Start debugging” works properly. But in this mode I can’t use breakpoints on lines in GPU-code.

How to use CUDA debugger in DLL-project?
cuda_project_dll.rar (8.08 KB)

I have found solution. It is needed to open “View -> Solution Explorer -> Nsight User Properties” and there set “Launch Action”