Do you have the test tool for uart?

After the system is up , i want to use test program for uart? Do you have it?

hello hy_401,

may I know what’s the actual use-case,
I had tested with to check UART connections,

Dear sir:

I just test the UART comunication. How to use the after the ubuntu system is running on nano etc?

hello hy_401,

that serial port utility is the tool for WindowsOS.
you should setup the UART connections between your Nano and Windows platform. there’re UIs for sending/receiving data.
by the way, the default baudrate setting is 115200/8n1.

Dear sir:
Yes, i know. What is the UIs on nano?


hello hy_401,

assume you’re sending data from WindowsOS to UbuntuOS.
you could setup a terminal and running the serial port utility, such as minicom or picocom.
the serial port is ttyTHSx, whereas x start from 0, you may looking for $ demsg | grep THS from kernel init messages to check the UART mappings.
note, the default baudrate configuration is 115200/8n1.

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