Doc: Need more info in details of damaging the chip permanently in SDK DevGuide

Hi NV Teams,
On Nov 01 '22, I created a thread to report this issue at

Now today is Apr 11, '24, this document issue still not fixed in SDK 608: Camera SIPL Receive-Only Mode | NVIDIA Docs

This declaration will fear users who has no idea of damaging the chip permanently as in above document.

I really really think this reply should be documented in SDK Dev Guide:

Xavier had such a limitation; CSI pad (VDD_CSI) needs to be powered on first prior to the deserializer.
For Orin, the issue has been fixed hence there is no such permanent chip damage

Maybe not just Orin but later SoC such as Thor have no this issue?

So, please update the SDK DevGuide to make this isuue clearly to users.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand your concerns and will take them into consideration for future updates to the documentation. We will keep you informed of any progress on this matter.

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