Docker wls22 Nvidia error

I installed CUDA inside a wsl 2 machinne, following this tutorial:

anyway when I run the nVidia docker with follow command:
sudo docker run --gpus all --shm-size=1g --ulimit memlock=-1 --ulimit stack=67108864 -v “${PWD}:/mnt/c” python /mnt/c/ gpu 20000

I have follow error:
docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused “process_linux.go:449: container init caused “process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 0 caused \“error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: nvidia-container-cli: initialization error: driver error: failed to process request\\n\”””: unknown.
ERRO[0000] error waiting for container: context canceled