Docs not loading "Access Denied"

When I try to access docs, i.e. cuda docs I get this:

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.8e912f17.1676687538.7e8f2f4d

What am I supposed to do with the reference #? How am I supposed to report this? (it doesn’t always happen, but it is really annoying)

Seems to have been fixed!
Still it would be nice to know HOW to report such issues with the docs/ website. Apparently there is no way to do it.

this is happening to me as well. I get to the API doc main page (CUDA Runtime API :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation), search for an api call, click on a result in the search, and then get this access denied message. It happens almost every time. After a while, I can access again, looks like some timeout expires. But it’s pretty consistent on the error after searching for an api call.

Happens with Edge and Chrome, after a search in the API doc I get access denied. Interesting that while Chrome was still getting denied, I could access with Edge until I did a search on the API doc main page.

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I also have had the same issue constantly in the last few days.
It happens every time I do a few consecutive searches/refreshes of any API doc pages.
Any info on that?

Similar experience as @bloch.aurelien has. Hard to develope anything when documentation is unavailable. Are there any updates what’s going on? Is there a way how to get offline version of CUDA API documentation?


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