Does any one have a working GigEVision pipeline on the X1?

I want to use GigEVision cameras on the jetson tx1 but have trouble getting any framework to work on the device.
If someone has a working pipeline I would be really interested in setting up a similar one.
Today I have a version of Common Vision Blox from Stemmer Imaging that will not install on the jetson. Might be that this could be tweaked but before I spend a week on that I would like to here if someone has already solved this.

Best regards / Björn

Hi Bjorn, Point Grey has a 64-bit ARM version of their capture SDK available. You could also give Avaris OSS a try which includes gstreamer plugin and may work with your existing GigEVision camera.

See this wiki entry for commands to tune the IP stack on Jetson. For high-bandwidth camera(s) you may also want to run the clock maximization script included in the ubuntu user home directory with JetPack 2.3.

Thanks for the answer! Have you installed the point grey sdk, I mean have you tested the sdk?
I have built aravis for the former release of Jetpack and it worked not so well. Will try it out on the recently released jetpack.

Thanks for the optimization tips, will investigate tomorrow.
BR Björn

Hi Br,

i am working with Machine Vision camera’s on TX1 so far i have tested stemmer-imaging, point grey, alliedvision,basler.

keep the framerate to 24 - 40 FPS perlane, mtu 9000, manual ip assignment

Hi raak,

Have you gotten Commonvisionblox image manager to work? Stemmer themselves say that they do not have a 64bit arm installation of their sdk. Have you used Point greys flycapture?

BR / Björn

Go with point grey, their SDK lacks some features but they have really good support.


Ok, will do. Thank you for your input.

BR / Björn