Using GigE Vision (GenIcam) Camera with Deepstream SDK/Jetson AGX Xavier

Hardware Platform: Jetson AGX Xavier
Deepstream Version: 5.0
Jetpack Version: 4.4

I am trying to utilize a GigE Vision camera (imperx c2010 PoE 3 megapixel CMOS Camera) as a source for the deepstream-app shipped with Deepstream 5.0 (camera connected via ethernet connection).

I have already got the manufacturer’s SDK up and running on the jetson, and it is properly connecting, and showing video within their GUI, once I set up the cameras IP address correctly.

I have been unable to get this camera to work with Deepstream SDK as a source.

I have tried (to no avail):

  • RTSP source (ie. rtsp://) (camera manufacturer doesnt say anything about RTSP in its documentation anyways though…)
  • specifying ip as uri (ie. udp://)

anyone’s insight into this would be greatly appreciated!


Why not just ask the camera manufacture this question?

Hi Fiona,

thanks for the response!

I have asked the manufacturer about any possible ways I could set their camera up within a gstreamer pipeline, however I have not heard anything back.

Do you have a recommended/ standard way to deal with gigE vision cameras/ genicam cameras? any help would be greatly appreciated!

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From GStreamer point of view, even with uridecodebin, it is still a necessary to provide the correct uri. So GStreamer is not a proper tool to debug such problem.

If you suspect this camera supports RTSP, you may try wireshark(Wireshark · Download) to capture the packages when showing video with impex GUI. If it can capture the packages, the camera is using RTSP protocol to transfer videos.

I think you might need a Gstreamer plugin for GigE Vision.
Check this Github repository:

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