Integrated Component Monitoring with Jetson NX

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We are trying to find a solution that helps us with the monitoring of errors that may happen with the camera with which we connect through RTSP to be able to train our model using Deepstream, however so far we have not found any Iot edge or iot resource hub in Azure Cloud to help us with this possible problem. We would like to have these scenarios monitored such as camera disconnection, connection problems, etc. and at the same time that it alerts us for any type of notification.

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DeepStream SDK is gstreamer-based implementation and the IP cameras are handled in rtspsrc plugin. There should be error handling in the plugin and if you need further handling, you may download the source code, do customization, and rebuild/replace the plugin.

And in deepstream-app, there is code for handling source reconnection. Please check watch_source_status() in