PointGrey Flycapture on ARM64

Anyone has succeed to install Flycapture on Jetson TX1?
I followed the steps in this link: https://www.ptgrey.com/tan/10357
But when I launch flycap it couldn’t find it or when I compile pointgrey_camera_driver in ROS it couldn’t find libflycapture…
I’m doing something wrong?

I’m also not sure if the jetson could run my Sony ICX692

I installed SDK as it is explained and then copy the folder flycapture containing source and header files. Now I can compile my ros package however when I launch my code to visualize the frames I get one frame every few seconds, the window gets darker in between!
I’m working on Jetson TX1 using ROS framwork

When I reduce the resolution I get more frame ~5-10 fps (the resolution is set to 30 fps)

Are you using a USB3 or GigEVision camera from PointGrey?

If ethernet, you may want to try these TCP/UDP tuning steps: https://elinux.org/Jetson/Network_Adapters#Tuning_performance

Also if you haven’t yet already, can you try running the ~./jetson_clocks.sh script?

Yes I’m using GigEVision

I already tried to increase TCP/UDP networking performance so I came up with Update2.

I just launched that script but nothing changed. I’m still around 5 fps

OK. If the window is getting darker, that may be the auto-exposure function on the camera. If the room is dark it can slow the camera down to capture a frame light enough to be seen.

Since you are working with PointGrey camera hardware and they provide their SDK binary for ARM, we recommend contacting their support for additional assistance with using their cameras.