Does CUDA 1.1 break hardware compatibility ?

I upgraded CUDA to 1.1 and i tried the SDK samples like deviceQuery and SobelFilter. Both return the error “No CUDA device found…”.
But everything works fine when i downgrade again to CUDA 1.0 !

Does anyone know what is going wrong with CUDA 1.1 ?

I precise that i have a quadro nvs 135M.

Which display driver are you using?

I have had bad luck with CUDA 1.1 myself, without any clear explanation.

Driver API apps on Windows that were built against CUDA 1.0 are known not to work. (the DLL name changed)

If your app does not fall into that category, and your display driver is current, please report the problem so we can investigate.

My display driver version is 156.83. I upgraded from the DELL support, as it is recommanded, and it is not the last version…
But CUDA 1.0 run with any problem before that upgrade. And i had an old version display driver.
CUDA 1.1 may be more requiring.

Anyway, thanks for your answer.

for cuda 1.1 u have to have the latest BETA driver. should work with your dell without problems (but no garantee :))