Does Nano HW support YUV420 8bit with UV component?

Does Nano HW support YUV420 8bit with UV components?

Above link mentioned VI HW of TX1 only supports Y component for YUV420 8 bit format. I’m not sure if Nano is the same. So I only can get gray frame from Nano if connect a csi camera with YUV420 8bit output format which contains Y in odd lines and UYVY in even lines, because UV will be drooped by VI, right? I need to use YUV422 format camera if want to get color frame, correct?

Yes, BTW most of the YUV sensor are YUV422.

Hi Shane:

Thank you for reply.

yes, most of YUV sensors are YUV422. however, H246/H265 encode of GStreamer cannot accept YUV422 format but 420, so need to convert format from 422 to 420 first before encode. Although both encode and convert can be accelerated by HW, I wonder if directly encode from 420 has same performance as covert from 422 to 420 then encode? Would you please clarify that if nano has capable to handle fromat covert 422 to 420 + H.264/H.265 encode for 4chs 1080p 30fps stream?

Don’t bother with this, sensor output YUV422 and CSI/VI will convert to YUV420.