Does Nvidia RTX 3050 6GB support OpenGL 4.68

Hello, In official technical Nvidia RTX 3050 parameters there is only mentioned OpenGl 4.6 support. Where can I find information that RTX 3050 also supports specific OpenGL 4.68 version ?

Hi there @plvadyba and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

The general driver support does not differentiate between specific patch versions of the OpenGL driver.

That means compatibility with OpenGL 4.6 includes all versions, also 4.68.

I hope that helps.

Btw OpenGL version 4.68 doesn’t exist. Where did you get that from? The newest is just 4.6

PNY names that under GPU specifications"OpenGL+4.68"

However OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer, GPUShark 2 and GLview 7 read 4.60 or 4.6.0

EDIT: some link at NVIDIA