Does OptiX 5.1 support the Turing architecture?

The OptiX 5.1.0 release notes say that “All NVIDIA GPUs of Compute Capability 3.0 (Kepler) or higher are supported”. However those release notes are from May, and it seems like there’s usually a note when new architecture support is added. So it seems worth asking directly: are Turing GPUs supported with OptiX 5.1?
Thanks - according to this slide deck RTX and Turing support will arrive with Optix 5.2 and CUDA SDK 10.

An OptiX application written to the OptiX 5.1 API will work with Turing GPUs but will not take advantage of the new RT Cores.

Turing GPUs introduce fundamentally new capabilities that requires changes to the OptiX API, specifically new hardware triangle intersection that maps to the RT Cores.

That means for applications to get full performance benefits they will need a new version of the OptiX API.

You guys have very misleading advertisement then…

It looks like non of it is supported on launch.

  • DXR is still only available in dev Windows version (support for RT Cores I assume).
  • Optix still doesn’t support Turing RT Cores. I assume it supports Volta RTX? Does Volta arch has RT Cores?
  • No idea about Vulcan.

This is a little bit disappointing.

Please note that RTX and the Turing GPUs offer a lot more than just RTCores.

Since this is the OptiX Forum let me answer the OptiX question. Applications written with the currently available OptiX 5.1 SDK will use the Turing SM and some parts of the RTCores for ray tracing and will use the Tensor cores for AI based Denoising. However the RTCores will not be fully used without a change to the API so you will not be able to hit the true potential of the RT Cores.

We will therefore ship a new version of the OptiX SDK that will have new API functions that will let applications take full advantage of the RT Cores on Turing. This new SDK is not publicly available yet.

The demo of Autodesk Arnold rendering on a Turing GPU at Siggrpah 2018 was done with a newer version of the SDK that is still under development.

Is there some general date for getting full RT Cores support in Optix? For example, can we expect it in 2018 or should We assume Q2 or later in 2019?

I’m sorry but we are unable to make public statements about future release dates.
However for Vulkan I suggest you take a look at this page.

Note that 411.63 drivers support new Vulkan ray tracing extensions.

Any news here? I just got two 2080TI’s solely for the promise of being able to do superfast RT in Optix (otherwise our many existing Titans and 1080TIs would have been just fine). Is it possible to get access to a dev snapshot of what will eventually become Optix 5.2 (or 6.0)?