OptiX on TX1

Is OptiX available for Jetson TX1 or TX2 or are there any near-term plans for supporting this architecture? We would really like to use GPU-accelerated ray tracing on the TX1, and we have already built our application to use OptiX on x86_64 systems.

We don’t currently build or release OptiX on ARM. I’m curious about the use case for this though.

We generate radar and optical signatures in near real time that are used for processing on an embedded system on a platform with low power usage. Accelerated ray tracing is required for the rapid generation of the signatures. We have already written code to use OptiX for this, and it would be best if we could just use it on the ARM architecture instead of finding another accelerated ray tracing package.

I recommend sending mail to optix-help@nvidia.com with as many details as you can – both technical and business context for ARM support in OptiX. If you have a really compelling case, this request should probably go to the OptiX product manager for consideration.

I’m also interested to know if we could move our GPU-accelerated ray tracing components over to the Jetson Nano for light-field transport calculations in our augmented reality devices.

We would be quite interested in this as well, and was surprised it was not supported. We use this for projection mapping solutions and it would be useful to be able to use ARM devices. I’ll send an email.

We too are using optix for sensor calculations, would be ideal to have it on arm architecture, would save a lot of time . instead of re-implementing ray tracing based logic in CUDA

I noticed that on the OptiX Downloads page, it now says that ARM support is coming soon. Do you know an approximate timeframe for this, and if this includes binaries that can be used on the TX2? We need to implement ray-tracing on the TX2 within the next few months, and I would prefer to use OptiX.

We are also eagerly waiting, would really like to see the ARM Support especially JETSON based devices (nano , tx1 , tx2 …)

The only thing I can say for sure is that OptiX on ARM is actively being worked on. We do hope to release some time in the next few months, if all goes well. It’s not quite ready today, but as soon as it is ready we will post here in the forum, so stay tuned.


@dhart Thanks for the update. Don’t want to miss this when it’s announced.

@dhart , Thank you for the update. :)

We look forward to seeing this support!

Thanks for the update, do you know if OptiX on ARM will be released soon? We are getting to the point in our development in which we will need GPU accelerated ray tracing on the TX2, and we will need to use a different solution if OptiX is not available.

It looks like OptiX on the TX2 is still not available. Do you know what other options are available? We’re thinking of potentially using the Vulkan ray tracing API (not sure if the TX2 GPU supports it) or OpenGL Compute Shaders, thanks.

This would be fantastic. Any update on the progress, is support expected in the next version of OptiX?