OptiX 7.3 on Jetson AGX Xavier


I attempting to run the OptiX 7.3 samples on a Jetson AGX Xavier that is flashed with Jetpack 4.4. I downloaded and installed the OptiX 7.3 ARM installer without issue. However, when I attempt to run any of the samples, I get the following error:

“Caught exception: OPTIX_ERROR_LIBRARY_NOT_FOUND: Optix call optixInit() failed: /opt/nvidia/NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-7.3.0-linux64-aarch64/SDK/optixTriangle/optixTriangle.cpp:143)”

Upon closer inspection of the OptiX installation, there are only doc, include, and SDK folders, and no lib folder that contains .so files as I would expect. Is Optix 7.3 ARM supported on the Jetson?

Hi, which display driver version do you have installed? The .so files you are looking for are part of the Nvidia display driver. In order to use OptiX 7.3, you’ll need a display driver numbered 465 or higher. I’m not sure what’s included in Jetpack 4.4, but I think it predates the 465 driver, so I’m guessing you’ll need to install the driver separately.


Hi David, do you happen to know how to query the display driver version on a Jetson? I have had trouble finding any documentation that describes how to do so, so I do not know which display driver is installed. I updated my L4T and JetPack to 32.5.1 and 4.5.1, respectively, but still receive the same error when running the samples.

JetPack 4.5.1 was released in February 2021, and OptiX 7.3 was released in April 2021, so it looks like the latest JetPack predates the 465 driver. Can you advise on how I would be able to install the driver separately on the Jetson? Or do I need to wait for a JetPack/L4T release that has support for OptiX 7.3?

From what I’ve gathered, it sounds like you just need to install a new driver via the regular Nvidia driver download page: Download Drivers | NVIDIA You can currently find the 465 drivers for ARM (aarch64) in the “New Feature Branch” rather than the “Production branch”, or under “Beta and older drivers”.