Does Optix 7.X still support to specify accelerating data structure?

Hi, I’m implementing an algorithm that requires counting the number of intersections. I thought I can do this by counting numbers in anyhit program. However, I found out the same triangle could be hit multiple times in certain cases. After some search, I found a post that said when using SBVH/TRBVH, a primitive can be split that cause the problem. A workaround solution will be launching a new trace from the last closest hit point, which may reduce the performance. My question is can I specify which BVH variant to use when building AS in Optix 7.x?

The acceleration structure builder is selected automatically in OptiX 7 and will use splitting by default, but there is an OptixGeometryFlags named OPTIX_GEOMETRY_FLAG_REQUIRE_SINGLE_ANYHIT_CALL with which you can disable that exactly for such algorithms.

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Note the comment inside the OptiX Programming Guide saying that this may affect traversal performance.

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