Does the Jetson Xavier NX support SSDs with HMB feature?

I want to connect SSD via PCIe to Jetson Xavier NX and i’m trying to understand if i will be able to use Host Memory Buffer (HMB) feature.
I read the following post regarding Jetson Nano:
Does the Jetson Nano support SSDs with HMB feature? - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums
And according to this post NX supposed to support HMB, but i cannot find anything regarding this feature in Xavier NX documentation.
So does the Xavier NX support it? If yes, where can i find about this and how i enable this?


We didn’t test HMB before. You misunderstood the point above.

The point was we didn’t test any NVMe on the jetson Nano carrier board at all. So better using NX or TX2-NX. It has nothing to do with HMB.

Did you test HMB in NX?
I cannot understand if it even supposed to support it.

No, it didn’t test.

And according to this post NX supposed to support HMB,

No, this is wrong. This post does not say NX support HMB. What I was talking about is jetson nano does not even test any NVMe at all.

Ok. I understand. So my question is still: does Xavier NX support HMB?

When I said something “didn’t test”, It means no support.

Now it’s clear.

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