Does the Jetson Nano support SSDs with HMB feature?

I was looking at SSD options that can be used along with the Jetson Nano and a Custom Carrier Board. I see that many of these SSDs use the Host Memory Buffer (HMB) feature.

Searching through the linux kernel source code on github, the kernel seems to have code to support the HMB feature, but the OE4T Linux Kernel 4.9 that my Yocto built image is using doesn’t seem to have any code related to HMB. Seems like support was added in the following version: pci.c « host « nvme « drivers - kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree

I don’t want to be able to use the HMB feature, but at least want the SSD to be usable even if the HMB feature is not enabled. If I do end up getting a SSD that supports the HMB feature, will I be able to use it on the Nano?

Kernel in use in the Yocto image: GitHub - OE4T/linux-tegra-4.9 at patches-l4t-r32.4
HMB feature: Silicon Motion SM2263XT HMB SSD Preview - Tom's Hardware | Tom's Hardware

This should still work. Just with no HMB function.

I would suggest trying to use NX or TX2-NX for the SSD. Actually, since jetson nano devkit does not have a m.2 slot for SSD, we don’t really validate SSD on jetson nano. Better trying with NX.

Got it. Thanks for the help.

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