SSD on Jetson Nano

  1. Is it possible to Install Ubuntu on SSD and boot from SSD ?
  2. What is the maximum size of SSD supported by Jetson-Nano platfrom ?


You can try below method to boot rootfs from ssd.

Is it possible to boot Kernel and dtb from SSD in Uboot ?

Which interface is that ssd using?

Hi @WayneWWW,

It uses USB 3.0.


Then it has to wait for next release. Currently, uboot is not able to run usb enumeration.

Hey @WayneWWW,

Will it work if SSD is connected with NVMe interface via PCI express bus ?


Unfortunately, uboot does not support nvme either…
It is kind of out of date so we are trying to upgrade it.

HI @WayneWWW,

Thanks for your quick response ! Much appreciated.
What all are the boot media supported by cboot currently other than mmc interface ?


Cboot should work with nvme device. But since uboot is the bootloader for TX1/TX2/Nano, I believe our internal test does not verify it.

Thank you so much for the responses @WayneWWW !