Can I delay the NANO boot during boot from SSD

Hi - I’ve used the SDK and successfully able to boot from a Samsung 870 EVO external SSD without any SD card installed - However there is only one small caveat. My problem is as follows:
If I connect my SSD to the Jetson Nano 4GB via a USB to SATA external connector adaptor, my Nano will not boot.
However, if I plug my SSD into an externally constantly powered USB docking station then the Nano boots every time. But this is cumbersome.
It seems that the Nano is trying to boot before the in-built USB is able to supply power to the USB ports - and so does not see the drive and hence will not boot.
I’m running from the barrel PSU with 4A so power is not the issue,
Is there a way to delay the boot process (or part of it) in order to allow the Nano’s USB ports to power up first? or maybe the USB enabling is a function of the boot - I don’t know enough about the machine or software (as you can tell). Any help greatly appreciated. Running Jetpack 4.6 latest and greatest.

I don’t have suggestion here. It is just a common problem that the usb port from jetson cannot provide enough power to your SSD so you need external power for it.

This is not a jetson only issue. Even some host PC usb ports have such problem.

Hi Wayne - I have just received a powered USB to SATA cable, connected up and the Nano booted without issue. For sure this must be power related.
I would have thought that the NANO would be able to drive a simple low power SSD as just about every other board I have seems to manage.
But at least I have a solution.
Many thanks.