Does the Ubuntu18.04 system of AGX Xavier have more security protection?

Confirm the security of the xavier platform system (ubuntu18.04) and whether it has related security measures.

hi 2274911225,

We have security functions, but not enabled in recent released BSP yet.
May I know what specific security measure your product is looking for to have?


Thank you kayccc.
Can you further answer the following questions?
What are the upcoming security functions?
What are the relevant aspects?
I am more concerned about the security strategy of video online transmission.

hello John_Z,

you may also refer to Topic 1044789, discussion for SecureOS and rootfs encryption.

here’s release-28.2 documentation about Secureboot
you may also check Tutorials page, we had [Jetson Security and Secure Boot] for the details of secure boot process.

If you are talking about making sure HDMI has HDCP copy protection, then that would be quite a different copy from something like an ssh tunnel for streaming content. You might give a more specific use-case to narrow in on which features you want or need.

hello John_Z,

assume you’re asking about Digital Rights Management (DRM).
for confirmation, current L4T release does not support DRM.

thank you JerryChang,
In the link of Secureboot, the secureboot_<release_version>.tbz2 and the Hardware Security Module User Guide mentioned in the manual,I didn’t find it.

hello John_Z,

please download secure boot release documentation and packages via Jetson Download Center

Hi John_Z,
Our latest release of JetPack 4.2.1 has secure boot features enabled.
You can get find the details about the release here: JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer

Hope this helps.