DOF_MODE_NONE Behaviour Incorrect on GPU Pipeline

Hi There,

For Isaac Gym, when using then GPU tensor pipeline, when I create an actor with DOF_MODE_NONE and dof props stiffness and damping both 0 and call set_dof_actuation_force_tensor the joint incorrectly moves.

However, the behavior is correct when using the cpu pipeline.

I have attached a video to demonstrate the result. For the first run, the dof mode is DOF_MODE_NONE and the gpu pipeline is used. The joint wrongly moves. In the second run, I use the same code but on the cpu pipeline. The joint correctly remains stationary. For the final run, I change the dof mode to DOF_MODE_EFFORT and again use the cpu pipeline which again shows the correct behavior. This was just to demonstrate it is not an error in the cpu pipeline.

I believe this is a bug with the gpu pipeline. Is there a work around, or to use DOF_MODE_NONE must I use the cpu pipeline?

Thank you!