Domain randomization on rigid_prim_view's material has no effect in Isaac Sim

Hi community!
I am using domain randomization provided by OmniIsaacGymEnvs to randomize material properties for rigid_prim_views in some RL Gym environment.
I attempted to randomize the restitution of rigid prims to either [0.05, 0.15] or [0.85, 0.95] (in two runs, with the “direct” operation). But there seems no change in the rigid prims’ behavior in the rendered simulation (which should be bouncing when randomized to [0.85, 0.95] and not bouncing too much when randomized to [0.05, 0.15]). I printed rigid_prim_view._physics_view.get_material_properties(), which does have values in [0.05, 0.15] or [0.85, 0.95].
I have also tried to use the “direct” operation to randomize the restitution to some values greater than 1, but no error occurred when running the program.
How does the domain randomization change the restituion properties for rigid prims?

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Hi there,

thank you for the report, the Isaac Gym team is investigating the issue.


Thanks for reporting the issue! This will be fixed in the next Isaac Sim release in February.

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