Downgrade Jetpack

I would like to know how to downgrade my Jetpack version from 4.5 down to 4.4

I have tried by setting the release in
sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list

but i dont know if theres a “sudo apt dist-downgrade” or some command im supposed to use?

It would be best if I dont have to use the sdk manager

Hi Andrew_Smith,

We’re only support upgrade function.
If you want to downgrade the JetPack, please using SDKmanager to flash.
You can reference detail from: Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer


If I downgrade the JetPack using SDKmanager, will I lose all my existing files?

You should probably post under the specific type of Jetson, but yes, if it is an eMMC model, then this is replaced. However, you can make a clone of the rootfs for later use (a clone can be used with loopback mount to see or modify what is on the clone, e.g., a home directory). Instructions differ based on model.

Alright thank you.

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