Uninstall Jetpack 4.6

Hi Team,

I am looking for Command to Uninstall the Jetpack 4.6 for the Jetson-nano board

And, I have Tried Some of below Commands,

  1. $sudo apt-get purge nvidia-jetpack

  2. $sudo apt purge nvidia-jetpack

In the Second command,some packages removed, I am not able to remove complete jetpack.

Any other ways are their to remove the Jetpack 4.6?


It is probably not what you are wanting to hear, but I am thinking you’ll need to flash again and start from the beginning. Someone else may have a better answer, but you would likely need to include details of why it needs to be removed (a use-case).

Thank linuxdev for the quick information.

For switching to other release version, you would need to re-flash through SDKManager. For removing SDK components, you can remove it by executing sudo apt-get remove PACKAGE_NAME

Hi Team,

Using the Following Command, I am able to remove the jetpack 4.6:-

$apt depends nvidia-jetpack | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs -I {} sudo apt remove -y {}
$sudo apt autoremove


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