DRIVE AGX Xavier Hardware overview


For my internship I’m doing research about the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier but I am struggling to get a clear picture of the hardware. Is there some sort of hardware architecture overview/diagram that I am missing? The high level block diagram isn’t entirely useful to me. Or if someone could break down the hardware a bit for me that would be really helpful as well!

Please find DRIVE AGX HW information from:

Thank you for the answer. I am aware of that page, however it is still unclear to me in the way it’s put there. Does this mean each Xavier SoC has 1 Carmel CPU, 1 Volta GPU and 1 ISP (for a total of 2 CPUs, 2 GPUs and 2 ISPs?). That page also mentions acceleratorS (DLA and PVA) as in multiple, so how many of those are there?

Hi @npeereboom ,

The table is for each Xavier Soc. Thanks.