Pegasus or Xavier what is the difference?

Where can I find detailed documentation on Pegasus and Xavier platform?
This is what I have so far but it is doesn’t seem like a useful document.
DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Product Brief PDF

Few questions I have to this documentation:

  1. What is the power consumption of Pegasus and Xavier?
  2. In Table 1-2 what is AI Car Computer?

another document that gives some general info (same link):
DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide PDF

Few questions I have to this documentation:

  1. What info relates to which board?
  2. In Table 5 there are 3 types of systems which is Xavier which Pegasus whats the 3one?
  3. In 4.3 INSTALLATION which cable relate to which board?
  4. Any benchmarks of the boards (a bit more detailed then this one gives 320 TOPS the other 30 TOPS)?

Hi michal.miszczyk,

The power consumption is based on use cases, different use cases have different power consumption.
Could we know the details you will be working on and why need these numbers?

Or please contact with the NVIDIA representative (either Solution Architect or Account Manager) for further discussion if can’t share on forum.