Driveworks AGX Xavier's system EDP.

I want to know Xavier’s system EDP.

I use a Driveworks AGX Xavier to my development.

On your document, Xavier system EDP is 348~1140W.

System EDP of 1Xavier Soc is 345W.
System EDP of 2Xavier Soc is 456W.
System EDP of 2Xavier Soc and 2dGPU is 1140W.

But i know Xavier chip’s power consumption is 30W(average) to 60W(maximum).

Maximum power consumption used by Xavier chips is 120W.

In this situation, your documents say other systems use 336W power.

I think it is so strange it is so big power consumption.

Could you check on your document is right and talk to me why Xavier ask so big power?

And i want to know how much battery power i need to use DW AGX Xavier.

Dear Minjun,
Could you please provide the document references on EDP numbers?

I refer document on NVIDIA website (

Document name is DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF).

On this document 29~30page, there is ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION chater.

I attach the Document’s URL.

Hi Minjun,

The EDP number on the document you refer to is correct for EDP, but you will rarely ever see EDP when using the system. This would assume a completely fully loaded system in all worse case scenarios. What is more accurate for typical load would be the TDP, Thermal Design Power of the system, which you could expect to be < 600 Watt for the DRIVE AGX Pegasus DevKit.

If you check the Hyperion installation documentation there is some details there on how to install into a vehicle and the battery requirements and config needed. It is mentioned to power the entire hyperion system that 840W is required. -> Please go here and find “DRIVE Hyperion Hardware Installation Guide (PDF)”

Hi Luke,

Thank you for your reply.

But I can’t cnnect your URL “

"Oops, sorry for the inconvenience

It seems that the file you have tried to download is no longer available or the URL used is no longer valid. Please refer back to the product page and follow the links to get the latest downloadable version."
is poped up, could you check the URL?

And I have another question.

I want to know power to use DRIVE AGX Xavier.

Do you heard a power problem using Driveworks AGX Xavier on a Car?
I make a system on my car.
The power system is as follows.
From Car out 12V Power into Converter 12V-220V.
From Converter out 220V Power into Xavier Power supply.

Hi Minjun,

Sorry for the bad link, I will update it.

Please go here and find “DRIVE Hyperion Hardware Installation Guide (PDF)”

This document describes all that is needed to install our hyperion kit(which includes an AGX system, rack, sensors, and power distribution) into a vehicle. It will be quite helpful for you to answer those questions.