DRIVE Xavier power requirement and some more

What is the power requirement of the computer in regular mode?
Is it 38*12=456 [W] or this famous 30 [W]?

How do I calculate the battery capacity for the computer, including the components that will be powered by it?
Is it I [A] *time [hr] or is it more complicated?

I am putting the computer on a Formula 1, what should I do to protect it?

Hi farhana6jo2g,

Here is the documentation page. Please check if the docs in Hardware->DRIVE AGX Developer Kit section have the information you want. Thanks!

  • DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Hardware Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Product Brief (PDF)
  • DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)

Hi farhana6jo2g,
did you get the answers you were looking for?
do you need any more clarifications?

Hello vick and shay,
We had those documents already, we did not get there the answers we were looking for, and would like more clarifications on those subjects.

Can we contact you in a more direct way?
I am mounting the car on a formula car and need to talk with someone that have experience in the matter.

Hello farhana6jo2g,

following our conversation I assume you got all the information you need.
also, you might want to take a look at a similar topic thread here:

please pm me for more info if needed.

Did you find an answer? I got the exactly same question, also for a formula car

Hi @m.schwob,
the answer was given above, please follow it.
if needed, please open a new topic for more information.