Please tell me the power consumption of DriveAGX

We are currently trying to start up DriveAGX using UPS power.
However, we ware unable to launch DriveAGX.
The maximum output power of our UPS is 1000W and the output waveform is a sine wave.
Referring to Table 5-2 on page 32 of the DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide, I found that the DriveAGX requires 1560W to start up the DriveAGX, and it was thought that the UPS I was using would not be able to start it.
However, the URL below says it can be operated on 30W.
<URL :>

Am I correct in my understanding that it requires 1560W to start up and can be operated on 30W after startup?
If there is any reason other than power consumption as to why the DriveAGX cannot start up using the UPS, please let me know.

Thank you a lot.

DriveAGX design to direct use vehicle main battery(with fuse), need DC input.
The link you refer is not nvidia own may give incorrect info, DriveAGX need more than 30W.

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Hi @hirotaka.maruyama,

The 30W number is to describe signle Xavier SoC in the DRIVE AGX system. FYI.

Thank you for answer.
Is the power consumption as indicated by Table 5-2 on page 32 of the DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide?
Also, We’re using NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer Kit and would like to know how we can power the DriveAGX from the battery.

Yes refer to Mechanical & Installation Guide is good.

Dear @VickNV @JimWang @hirotaka.maruyama,

Is there any solution on what setup and fuse to use when connecting the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX XAVIER to the battery?

We are currently doing the same thing, but want to make sure we have the proper setup and fuse.

Thanks in advance,

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