Power requirements Pegasus with dGPU

We checked the manual “NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SYSTEM MECHANICAL INSTALLATION GUIDE”, but it seems there are some inconsistencies. We have the SKU2200 (dual GPU). The manual says EDP current 95A and inrush current 130A. If you look to the connectors, Anderson SB50, they are rated for only 50A and wire size up to 16mm². For currents up to 95A (@12VDC) a thicker wire and connector should be used… So are the given values in the manual wrong or are the used connectors and wires dimensioned wrong?

Within the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SYSTEM Product Brief it is also mentioned that with dGPU there are some recommendations concerning the supply of the Pegasus. Are the given recommendations options as “follow one of the three” or should all options (230VAC Power supply+extra battery+DC/DC converter) be installed?


Dear CMannaerts,

If you look at the attached spec for the SB50, it mentions the following:

All the above is based on continuous current. At the levels shown above, I would think occasional brief surges to 130A should not be a problem.

If you use 2 Xavier + 2 dGPU option, config1 is the appropriate configuration.
And if the system does not contain dGPU’s, config2 is the appropriate configuration.


what are the exact reasons for the recommendation to use 230V AC Power Supply + Inverter if AGX Pegasus (2 Xavier + 2dGPU) is used? If we can ensure that power supply will not drop below 11.5V, should that work or is there anything more we have to consider?

Edit: Am I right that the Hyperion Kit does not use the 230V AC power supply either?

Dear cschro,

The recommendation is for the early DRIVE AGX System installed with dGPU V100 or when COM Express module is planned to be installed because the power supply for those two is 12V only. The DRIVE AGX System with PG189 does not have this limitation.

And regarding power related topic, please refer to #05 in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Hardware Errata. Thanks.

With PG189, you mean TU104, the dual Turing GPU? So if these are on board, battery voltage input may be between 7V to 28V?

Dear CMannaerts,

Yes, PG189 means Tu104.
Yes, could you please refer to 5.1 OPERATING VOLTAGE section in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)? Thanks.