What is the nominal current of AGX


What is the nominal current of AGX for vehicle which is just collect data?(not gonna use dGPUs). In DRIVE_Mech_Inst_Guide, it says 95A @12V system EDP for configuration 2 SoCs and 2 dGPUs. But we do not plan to use dGPUs. So can I be accepted like there are no dGPUs? Is this 95A current drawn from power supply(E3550) or AGX byself?

It says that Hyperion kit draws 70A @12VDC, in NVIDIA Drive Hyperion 7.1 Developer Kit. Can I accept same values for Pegasus?


Dear makman4,

Do you have NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier or Pegasus?


Dear makman4,

Regarding max current, config 2 is the appropriate configuration to refer to if your system does not contain dGPU’s. This is the current drawn by E3550 which the power supply must be capable of delivering. The maximum current is dependent on the minimum voltage of the power supply so Please follow the guidance in note 3 to determine the current for config 2. We provide an example of 38A @ 12V. Thanks.