Driver 304.123 for legacy cards crashes while opening a game or watchig videos using a Geforce 7200

O. S.: Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 bit.
Grphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS/7300 SE

Reproducibility: Always and almost always.

To reproduce the bug “always”

1.- Install latest legacy driver (you may need a legacy card, like mine)
2.- download SuperTuxkart (, and open it.
3.- Driver crash, screen gets unresponsive then a screen blink, the mouse goes unresponsive after that; no ttys, Alt+SysRq+B reboots computer.

To reproduce the bug “almost always”

1.- Install latest legacy driver.
2.- Open your favourite browser.
3.- Go into and play a video.
4.- Driver crash, screen gets unresponsive, screen blink, the mouse gouse unresponsive after that; no ttys, Alt+SysRq+B reboots computer.

Additional information: maybe is related, maybe not but in nvidia-settings I can see that the dedicated memory is almost ocuppied (65%), just when I open my desktop (KDE 4.13).

No information on systemlogs, and how may I collect the information you “need” when I can’t use my computer?

SSH or telnet.

Here is the log file, I read it and it failed some commands, so I included another log file when the crash is not present.

[This file was removed because it was flagged as potentially malicious] (49 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log-nocrash.gz (53.5 KB)