Driver 470.141.03 not install in Kernel 6.00

Ubuntu 20.04.5 kernel 6.00.
Not is possible install driver 470.141.03.
After of dkms completion task is showed an error message closing the installer.

Any way to fix it ?
Thanks for your reply.

Log added for Nvidia.
nvidia-installer.log (108.0 KB)

also have this issue, thanks

Wait for patches, this kernel was released just a few days ago.

Long Term Support (legacy) drivers tend to lag behind latest non-LTS kernels, if possible I’d suggest to use a LTS kernel to match rather than the absolute latest and not have to worry about trying to patch it ahead of nvidia’s releases.

Current latest LTS would be the 5.15.x kernel branch which will keep being updated even after 5.19.x is dead.

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see 470xx drivers and linux 6.0 kernel