Driver 520.61.05 with RTX 4090 - nvidia-smi shows card as "NVIDIA Graphics Device"

Just installed a 4090 in a new system running Ubuntu 20.04 and updated the driver to 520.61.05 using the Ubuntu repositories (apt install nvidia-driver-520)

Driver seems to work, although I’m running the system headless right now so it’s hard to say for sure.

My main concern at the monent is the very generic description nvidia-smi is giving for the card. “NVIDIA Graphics Device”… No mention of the card being a 4090 anywhere. Strikes me as very odd as usually it will tell you what model(s) you have installed, RTX 3090, A100 80GB PCIE, etc, etc.

Can anyone else with a 4090 confirm that this is the case for them as well? Possibly a problem with this driver?


That’s usually just a cosmetic bug with early drivers. If you’re not experiencing a problem with the functionality of the card, then I wouldn’t worry about it.


You’ve forgotten to update this post: Current graphics driver releases