Driver and compatibility for Sony IMX cameras

Hi, I’m looking to build a basic stereo-vision system for a Jetson Orin NX board.

System specifications :

  • Jetson Orin NX 16GB
  • Ubuntu 20.4
  • 5.10.04-tegra
  • Jetpack-5.1

I have the following options to buy, can you confirm that the following cameras will be compatible with my system ?

NVIDIA’s partner cameras are listed here but I wanted to know if the ones I listed are compatible, as not everything is available from my supplier.

These cameras will be used for object detection and depth estimation, so I’d love to hear your advice.

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hello ttvexcv,

there’re built-in driver to support with Raspberry pi v2, imx219, and Raspberry pi v3, imx477 by default.
you may using Jetson-IO utility to configure CSI connector to enable those camera drivers.
please also aware the Jetson Orin Nano carrier board it includes two 22-pin camera connector.
you may see-also Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification for more details.

IMX219/IMX477 they’re separate cameras,
there’re some software samples for your reference, i.e. Argus/public/samples/syncStereo or syncSensor/
however, it’s better to have hardware pin, (i.e. FSYNC) for frame synchronization between two camera sensors.
you may also looking for cameras with depth/stereo functions, for instance,

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