Driver Build failing half way through - cannot find kernel source - CUDA 5.5 Fedora 18

I was hoping to get some help. I have been reading through all of the threads and none has worked so far for me. I only need to install the CUDA 5.5 driver on Fedora 18. I have the toolkit and samples already. The Driver error log shows that the driver is starting to build but then errors out saying it cannot find my kernel source. I gave it a source path to my current kernel source but then it complained I was missing header files. Does anyone know where and how I can download the kernel source and where it will be installed so I can point the driver build to it? Like I said this is my last step and also the first Linux box I had this half built Cuda driver problem with. I have rebuilt the box a couple of times after reading the posts but no luck yet.

Thanks in Advance.

i guess you must have solved this problem right ? ( yum install gcc-c++ kernel-devel , then provide argument to the nvidia run script ) ?

did you complete the process ? - i’m going through it now, already several false starts.