Driver crash with "NULL pointer dereference" when turning display back on

An out of the blue issue with a Ryzen + 3080 setup (MSI Suprim 3080 and R9 3950x running on an Asus Pro WS X570-ACE)

I have the system running 24/7, and usually just turn on the TV it’s plugged in to, to use the workstation. However, today it wouldn’t display anything. First suspected this was because the new bios I updated yesterday (version 3302 with AGESA and resize bar support for 3000-series cpus, but even after reverting to the old bios, things do not work.

I have been through my apt log, and it seems pretty clear for the last 24 hours (apart for some small terminal app installs).

So far I’ve tried the new bios version with default settings, the old bios with default settings, nvidia-driver-460 (460.56 and 460.67, with apt purge in between). But nothing helps.

The system is otherwise completely stable, just the crash when display is turned back on (everything seems to work ok even when its off).

Attached is the usual bug report and what xev -event randr outputted when I turned the display off and on.

Any insights?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (151.3 KB) xev_log.txt (902 Bytes)

Known bug with driver >460.36, I guess:

Ah, Ok, thank you. Didn’t first notice the thread.

Seems like this might have been a longer-standing issue with my system as well. If the desktop is locked, there is no crash when I turn the screen on and proceed to log back in. Usually I return to the workstation after a longer while (long enough for the system to lock my desktop), so I just have not experienced this issue until now.

Time to create a new user and start adding Gnome extensions etc. little by little to dig out the culprit.