RTX2060 crashing after last ubuntu update - logs here

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (72 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.old.gz (82.9 KB)

HI, after updagrading to last nvidia-driver-6xx the system can’t rise RTX2060 board. It crashes always. And I can’t rollback. I enter safe mode and got this logs.
nvidia-smi just crashes also.

Please help needed.

Thank you


Hey Daniel,

Do you have any displayport displays plugged in? If so, and you can switch to HDMI, that should get you online long enough to purge the driver, and manually install 460.73 from the driver archive - this is what I had to do, unfortunately.

Many of us have reported crashes on boot in Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest driver on this thread:

One of the Nvidia devs said they have managed to reproduce it and are actively working towards a fix, that was the last update as of Jun 2nd.


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Thanks a lot! It worked in HDMI.
You really helped me.
I already reinstalled ubuntu, but you prevented me from doing other crazy things like look for another machine or contract cloud GPUs to continue my academics experiments.

That is very bad for NVidia. Waiting for the fix.

Thank you!