Ubuntu 20.04 crashing after install Nvidia driver 440 on RTX 2070

I spent almost 3 days try to figure out on my own and still cannot. LOL

My desktop system spec:
CPU: Intel i7
GPU: RTX 2070 Super (I have 2 GPU installed on my MB)
MB: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wi-fi
I am on a single system, not dual-boot system
I disabled secure boot using " sudo mokutil --disable-validation"

The problem comes first on my Windows machine, I will counter black screen if:
1> I install windows with internet connection
2> I install GeForce-Experience
3> I install any version of GPU driver

Then I switch platform into Ubuntu 20.04, because I know at least I can get some log or tweak the system maybe it will works. Still, I will counter black screen and monitor will show “out of range” if:
1> I install GPU driver 4xx and reboot
2> I use command “ubuntu-drivers autoinstall” and reboot
I can install Nvidia-390 and reboot into the system, but my GUI will become quite big(low resolution), and my “nvidia-smi” pops error “cannot communicate with driver …” (probably because the version is too low)

LOG for driver-390, nvidia-smi" pops error "cannot communicate with driver

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390
#switch to console user
startx – -logverbose 6
nvidia-smi (error message says cannot communicate with driver)
sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh (log is here: nvidia-bug-report-390.log.doc (78.3 KB) )
dmesg (screenshot is here:


LOG for driver-440, black screen :
#ssh extablished with my laptop
#switch to console user
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-440
startx – -logverbose 6
reboot (screen black out, but ssh still can)

#in my laptop
sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh (log is here: nvidia-bug-report.log.doc (730.4 KB) )
dmesg (txt file is here: driver-440-dmesg.log (95.5 KB) )

#and I cannot find nvidia-installer.log, there is no such file in the folder /var/log/

please adivce, really need your help!

hello? any support or advice here?

The log shows the nouveau driver is loaded. Please blacklist it.