Driver for gtx260 video cards will not install for Ubuntu 22.04

I have tried several different ways to attempt to install the driver for the gtx 260 nvidia card on Ubuntu 22.04. I have three gtx 260’s in SLI set up. However, there is an error every time that takes place at different parts of the installation. Several times the install even went to 100% only to find that after I restarted the cpu, an error in the install had occurred.
The Ubuntu software installer will not bring up anything for software for nvidia for me and I have always had to download the driver from nvidia and run the install through the terminal to get the install to work at all. Is this new version of Ubuntu going to require me to upgrade my video cards or is there something else that perhaps I am not doing correctly?

Hi there @william.barnes, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

GTX 260 is from around 2008, correct? The latest official driver supporting this on 64bit Linux would be 340.108. Which in turn is from 2019.

To be honest I think it might be time to upgrade. There might have been kernel upgrades in the meantime that are not being addressed anymore by this driver.

I am sorry if this is not helpful.