Can't install the driver for Nvidia GT610 on Ubuntu 23.10

Hi All,
I have a problem to install the Nvidia drivers for the Nvidia GT610 graphics on Ubuntu 23.10.1 and Ubuntu 24.04 (beta).

  1. I have tried to install with the Ubuntu drivers and settings: no driver available
  2. I have added the PPA “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa” the ‘390’ driver is available but when you install everything goes well but just at the end ‘can not install’
  3. I have reïnstalled the Ubuntu 23.10.1, disabled the nouveau driver and install it by the downloaded driver of the driver site of Nvidia. Same problem: it goes well but at the end a error and can not install.
  4. I have also tested the 3 method’s on the daily build of Ubuntu 24.04 and same problem. So the problem will also happen in the up comming Ubuntu 24.04.
    In attechment you can find the log from Ubuntu 24.04 daily build and this of Ubuntu 23.10.1
    nvidia-installer-ubuntu-24.04.log (1.3 MB)
    nvidia-installer-ubuntu-23.10.1.log (1.2 MB)

That’s must be a problem of the Nvidia driver.

Do you have anything of support? It’s now a month ago?
I have also tried a GT730 and also no visual.
With a GT710 it work perfectly.

Hi there @gert.vanhaerents,

The GT610 has long since been on legacy support only, that means newer kernel versions are not verified for this architecture. So it is not guaranteed that drivers which were done before kernel version 3 to correctly work with kernels version 6.5 or higher.

So the best bet for this 12 year old GPU would be to use an older Ubuntu version like 18.04 or before.


Ok about the GT610, but you can buy it totaly new on some distributors.
About the GT730, that is not a old or outdated card. You can buy new on every webshop or distributor.
It’s just a lowbudget card.
And why works the GT710 directly out of the box with the nvidia 470 driver and the GT730 not?
About the GT610, in Windows and also Windows 11 lastest versions, it works directly out of the box! Why not in Linux?

The GT7xx series GPUs with Kepler architecture are also on legacy support, indicated by the fact that there are still regular updates to the v470 series drivers for Linux, but not supported by v5xx series drivers.

The GT610 is an older architecture (Kepler) than the GT710 (Fermi).

The GT730 is very likely also still a variant of a Fermi GPU, the naming existed for both architectures.

I am sorry that you have trouble making use of these GPUs.