Latest Driver for Nvidia Geforce GT 610 PCI

Hi there

I just want to do some exercises with my old ZOTAC Geforce GT 610 PCI graphic card. Currently, i use Windows 10 x64, and i’ve found the latest driver version (based on 23.03.2018)

But that driver does not seem to support CUDA - after compiling the CUDA samples with MS Visual C++ 2017 Express Edition (4 applications couldn’t be built, currently i don’t know why, the the rest was successful)

So what driver i need to use on Windows 10 x64?

I remember, many years ago i was able to run some CUDA samples on some Windows XP and Server 2003 (both 32 bit version)

But now, what driver i have to use?

Thank you very much for your feedbacks.

P.S.: I known that this card is very very old and very very slow, but so it think it would be enough for my first CUDA exercises…;-)

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Now i saw it on


Does nobody know which driver version i have to use for using CUDA with a Geforce GT610 PCI card on Windows 10 x64?

Maybe there are no drivers they can solve me issue with Windows 10 and the card i described…?

Thank you very very much for your feedbacks! :-)

If you follow that wizard, it will lead you to 391.35 which you already have.

That driver supports CUDA. But your card (and that driver) only support up to CUDA 8.0. If you are attempting to use a newer CUDA version, it won’t work.

Thank you very much!!

Can i download CUDA 8.0 and its examples anywhere, is it still available?

If you does somebody have a link?

Thank you very much for your feedbacks! :-)

go to:

and click on legacy releases

Thank you very much. Will look about it.
Regards, Jan

Now i saw 2 versions:

  • The “normal” one 8.0 (implicite “GA1”)
  • The “GA2” Version, called “CUDA Toolkit 8.0 GA2”

I think you meant the “normal” 8.0 version (=GA1) with your post…?

So i think it’s better to ask this before i try, because the download and espcially the installation is HUGE and time-intensive on my old machine! ;-)

Can i install the GA2 version or not for the Gefroce GT610 PCI graphics card?

Any version 8.0 or older should work. Both GA1 and GA2 are 8.0.

Thank you very much!! :-)

i have the GT 610 card,and my os is linux any drivers supported the os?