Questions about supported graphics cards of CUDA

  1. Does older version of CUDA supports newer graphics cards?

    I have a special device that will only work on Windows x86, so I have to use CUDA 6.0 (which is the last version supports developing on Windows x86). My graphics card is GeForce GT 740, CUDA 6.0 says cannot found compatible graphics hardware. I guess it is because GT 740 came out after the releasing CUDA 6.0. I want to know CUDA 6.0 supports GT 740 or not?

  2. Does newest version of CUDA supports old graphics cards?

    I have another video card which is GeForce GTS 250, CUDA 7.0 says cannot found compatible graphics hardware. I know GTS 250 is now a “CUDA legacy GPU”, but what will happen when running CUDA 7.0 applications on GTS 250?

You can use CUDA 6.0 with your GT 740 as long as you have a proper GPU driver for the GT 740.

You’ll need to understand the difference between the CUDA toolkit and the GPU driver.

The newest versions of CUDA (7.0) do not support cc1.x devices which includes the GTS 250.

You should not expect applications compiled under CUDA 7.0 to run correctly on a GTS 250. If proper error checking is included in the application, an error will be reported (e.g. “CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”, or “no CUDA-capable devices found”)