Ubuntu 24.04 LTS not recognize the Nvidia GT730 or GT610

The new Ubuntu 24.04 LTS has problems with the Nvidia GT730 VGA cards. When i install the Nvidia 470 linux drivers, it install without any error but i have no visual. When i start with the onboard video (intel HD card) it will start but i see on the nvidia-settings app the nvidia card is not recognized.
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporaton GF108 [GeForce GT 730] [10de:0f02] (rev a1)

I have also tested with a GT610 card but also problems:
I have a problem to install the Nvidia drivers for the Nvidia GT610 graphics on Ubuntu 23.10.1 and Ubuntu 24.04 (beta).

I have tried to install with the Ubuntu drivers and settings: no driver available
I have added the PPA “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa” the ‘390’ driver is available but when you install everything goes well but just at the end ‘can not install’
I have reïnstalled the Ubuntu 23.10.1, disabled the nouveau driver and install it by the downloaded driver of the driver site of Nvidia. Same problem: it goes well but at the end a error and can not install.
I have also tested the 3 method’s on the beta of Ubuntu 24.04 and same problem. So the problem will also happen in the up comming Ubuntu 24.04.

That’s must be a problem of the Nvidia driver.

Your GT730 is Fermi based, so it needs the 390 driver:

But why works the Nvidia geforce GT710 with the 470 driver without any problem and the GT730 not?
The GT730 is also not a outdated card, you can buy it on every webshop or every distributor.
The GT610 is also not working (i know the GT610 is a older chipset, but you can also buy on some webshops or distributors)
The GT710 is working perfectly with the 470 driver. So why the GT730 not?

GT710 and 730 were low-end graphics cards, which chips were used was up to the OEM. Some used Kepler chips, so those work with 470, some used Fermi chip, so only limited to 390. It’s just bad luck you got a 730 with Fermi chips, there are also ones using Keplers.

Yes and? why does nvidia not support both chips?
I have buyed this cards new and i was supposed it will be working without any problems. Nvidia makes the chip so nvidia must support and must make the drivers for it.
So i have buyed a GT710 card off the brand MSI: it works.
I have also buyed a GT730 card: it don’t work.
What did i wrong? → no, i did nothing wrong! i have buyed 2 low-end cards, is this a problem? no, because i don’t need a extreme card, i don’t play games, i don’t do video-editing or photo editing.

You need this PPA for 390 driver on Ubuntu: nvidiaexp : Daniel Letzeisen

As generix wrote above and I wrote in the other thread, the version of the GT730 you bought is really a GT630. Thank Nvidia’s marketing tricks (though they certainly aren’t the only company that plays tricks with model numbers).

“What did i wrong?”
You bought a 10+ year old Nvidia GPU and want to use proprietary Linux drivers. You should shave gotten something made in the past few years like a GT1010 Or Radeon RX6400.

The 390 driver is not working with Ubuntu 24.04, it can install without error’s but i have no visual.
I cloud be a 10 years old GPU chipset, but i search a low end (cheap) graphics card. So i have buyed totaly new, so Nvidia is making this cards.

Did you use the ppa to install the 390 driver? Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

If you’re using the nvidiaexp PPA, and the driver installs/builds properly, there’s not much I can do to fix bugs since most of it is closed source.

Again, you may have bought it “new”, but that doesn’t mean Nvidia/TSMC has made these cards recently. It could have been sitting in a warehouse for 8 years. You bought a GPU that was first released over 10 years ago and Nvidia stopped officially supporting the 390 driver (and so, Fermi core cards) on Linux over a year ago. Complaining will not change that.
Either return the card(s), use the open source nouveau driver, or hope you can solve the bug with 390.
Good luck.

Fermi is 14 years old, released 2010.

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  • I have used the nvidiaexp PPA: it install perfectly but i have a black screen no visual
  • I have also called to the distributor and they said they can just order these cards without any problems. And especially that they sell about 300 pieces per month. If their stock runs out, they can simply order more.
    They are available at Asus and MSI.
    This chipset may be old, but they are still sold as low-end cards. The supplier also announced out of the blue that these cards would no longer be supported. If this were already overstock at Asus or MSI, it must not have been long ago that they made these cards. So there still needs to be support for these cards, they are not outdated at all.
    FYI: those other cards you mention, the GT 1030, simply cost twice as much as those GT710 or GT730 cards. And yes, this plays a very important role since we need about 200 pieces per year.
    They are also still on the Asus or MSI site:
    ASUS GeForce® GT 730 2GB GDDR5 | Graphics Card | ASUS Global
    or MSI:
    MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation

And about the GT710:
It install with the Nvidia 470 driver, you have visual, but it shows more than one screen on one monitor. It’s much to wide, you can go at left or right to much.