Nvidia GeForce 7100 Grahpich failed to install on Ubuntu 21.04

Hello NVIDIA team,

I am trying to install NVIDIA Geforce 7100 graphic driver on Ubuntu 21.04 driver from long time but no success. I tried to install almost all the drivers from Unix Drivers | NVIDIA but no success.

The error I got while installing driver was :
The NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i GPU installed in this system is supported through the NVIDIA 304.xx legacy Linux graphics drivers. The 460.73.01 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver will ignore this GPU.

The OS version installed on my System is :
Description : 21.04
Relese: 21.04
codename: hirsute

Prashant Gangurde

It seems that this drivers comes under legacy product type and not even single driver supports for Linux under this section.

Please… I need the driver for Linux too.

The needed 304 driver is out of support for 4 years now and doesn’t support anything higher than xorg 1.19 thus no up-to-date distro. You’ll have to use nouveau.